During this time I worked on checking the github website to take a look and see what issues were open. Day to day the issues change, there are sometimes new ones, and sometimes they are resolved and turn into closed issues. Currently there are 12 open issues that have submitted to the Eutester bug tracker website. Some of the open issues are not really issues but rather suggestions or modifications to some of the things to make them look better but are not real issues. Our group has the responsibility to take a look on the github site and update our wiki page with any new or removed issues on the site.

I went through the website and compared it to our wiki and updated our wiki to make sure that we have an updated site with accurate information. Some issues include: define licensing, create a test directory wiki, creating a standard set of debug tools that represents test results visually, etc. A list of all the current open issues can be found by following this website https://github.com/eucalyptus/eutester/issues?page=1&state=open