In this week’s class we focused on what we would be doing for the next couple of weeks. As a whole the class had a discussion about what each person has done so far and where we were heading next for the remainder of the semester. Next week each of the groups is going to give a little presentation describing what their group did. The professor wanted to make sure we are all caught up and on the same page, we discussed if people signed up on Eucalyptus , installation of Euca200ls, different Linux distributions, etc.

Next we discussed the assignments that were to be divided up into teams to each do a certain task. For example, some are responsible for documentation, bug tracking, writing code, install documentation, etc. We also have to use the guidelines for FOSS field trip to evaluate Eucalyptus software. The professor gave us the option to pick which group we wanted to join and what we wanted to work on. We used Piratepad as a tool to be able to write down all the projects and everyone is able to contribute however they want on the page. I joined the group that was responsible for finding the bugs in the program, better known as the bug tracker.